2019 Campaign Funding: Individual Contributors' hometowns

Does it matter if Bellevue pays for its city council campaigns? It is a chance for residents who can't vote to have their opinion recognized. Should the opinion of Seattle and residents in other cities count?


Individual contributors comprise over 75% of the contributions in the 2019 Bellevue City Council races. Candidates who entered the race early, Jeremy Barksdale and Stephanie Walter, as well as incumbents, Janice Zahn and Jennifer Robertson, were clearly able to get high numbers of individual contributors on their list of supporters.


 2019 Bellevue City Council Campaign Contributions by Individuals

JD Yu's campaign started on the filing date but has caught and surpassed some.


Seattle residents play a small role in terms of dollars, with the exception of James Bible's campaign. Seattle individuals outnumber Bellevue residents in both the count of his financial supporters (46) and dollars (39%) received from individuals. His Bellevue donations are lower than both Seattle and other places. Individual donor tallies are split nearly even between Bellevue, Seattle, and other places.


2019 Campaign Funding

Contributions raised by Bellevue City Council candidates for the 2019 races.

Do Bellevue residents fund the Bellevue City Council Campaigns? It is not even close.

Here are the results.


City Council

Races 2019

2019 Primary Election Coverage: Who's out? Who will win? Does Bellevue Self-Fund its City Council Elections?

"Bellevue’s actively engaged citizenry shapes the city’s future."


2019 Bellevue Campaign Contributions as of 8.2.2019This statement from the City of Bellevue's Comprehensive Plan vision is again under attack this election season. Only 531 of approximately 140,000 residents are supporting Council Candidates monetarily. Even though there are many to be engaged, this is a very low percentage.

The state regulates campaign contributions, and candidates must report all contributions. However, there is no requirement that funding must come from the people of Bellevue. 

Bellevue clearly does not self-fund the City Council Candidates' campaigns. Will residents of Bellevue take hold of the campaign reins after the primary?  

Are campaign fund attributes or people contributing to campaigns a predictor of the primary election?

Bellevue Residents are Less than Half of the Campaign 

The largest segment of contributors to Bellevue City Council Candidates campaigns is the home team: individual Bellevue residents, workers, and businesses: