One Bellevue's roles

One Bellevue...

Connects Neighborhoods

Finds common ground between neighborhoods across the city.

Works collaboratively to research the leading issues impacting the quality of life in Bellevue Neighborhoods

Networking with Neighborhood leaders


Advances Neighborhoods

Thursday March 14 at 7:00 PM One Bellevue: Beyond hyperbole - Ready, Set, Election 2019: One Bellevue All Hands Meeting

Hate Traffic? Feel the Housing squeeze? Concerned about Safety and the Environment? Then, you are one of us!

WE ARE TAKING A CREATIVE, COLLABORATIVE APPROACH TO BRING INSIGHT TO COMPLEX ISSUES FACING OUR CITY. One Bellevue is reimagining City Council elections beyond hyperbole and sound bites: empowering every voter to feel good about their choice by understanding their choices. You have the talent. Together we can learn, share, and have fun! One Bellevue is a community-powered, non-partisan non-profit. One Bellevue does not endorse any candidate. Join us in the discovery. Thursday, March 14. 7 – 8:30 pm City Hall, Room 1E-108.

RSVP appreciated Here  by March 10 (please use the updated questionnaire)

See 2017

Wed February 27th 11:30a-1p Proposal to abate ten (10) hazardous western hemlock:

Meeting for a current Tree Land use permit application

Review of the tree code and process and how it is being used in this case, and time for questions. Some questions to start are review replacement size and species planned vs required. Get a better understanding why these are trees dying. 

David Wong, ISA Certified Arborist Environmental Land Use Planner, Development Services Department

RSVP appreciated to


Tuesday, February 26th Trees Meeting and After Party

Tuesday, February 26th 6:30 Neighborhood Leadership Gathering "TALKING ABOUT TREES"

830 After Party hosted by One Bellevue

Come learn about the recent tree canopy assessment, and share your ideas on how Bellevue can achieve its 40% tree canopy goal.  Panel presentation followed by facilitated discussion on tree related issues.  We want to hear from you!

Neighborhood Leadership Gatherings are for all who are invested in the quality and health of their neighborhoods.  

RSVP appreciated to or 425 452 6836.


Comprehensive Plan Book Club

Feeling discouraged about the state of the world? Drop into the Bellevue Comp Plan book Club. Bellevue is a great place to be.

What are our cities values? Do the policies reflect our City's values? What does the value mean to your neighborhood?

Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. The outcome of comprehensive planning is the Comprehensive Plan which dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, housing, and more. For the urban areas, Bellevue has embraced the tenets of New Urbanism: sustainable, diverse, walkable, compact, vibrant, mixed-use communities. These are composed of the same components as conventional development, but assembled in a more integrated fashion, in the form of complete communities. The goal is to create or rejuvenate sustainable, human-scaled places where people can live healthy and happy lives.

• What we'll do

Each week we have a will discuss a different topic. Visit for the schedule.

• What to bring

Notes from their reading and an electronic or hard copy of the current reading.

• Important to know

One Bellevue Team Meeting

Thu, Jan 4, 6:00-7:30
Bellevue City Hall, Room TDB


One Bellevue is long term, forward thinking and goal oriented. We want to get in the game early and collaborate. We want to take action, but our actions must be built on goals and strategies that we feel will be successful. One Bellevue should be seen as sensible, competent, collaborative, and having grit and integrity.  January is the time we must start to get in the game.

The room is being booked, but this is a One Bellevue meeting. Key on the agenda are

  • Our Priorities for 2018-19
  • High Level structure and meeting schedule
  • What to expect with One Bellevue short term

Best wishes


Bellevue Council Candidates - 2017 General elections

Bellevue Council Candidates 2017


Nov 2017 Election is Complete

View the full results at the King County Results Page.

With a booming economy and hot real estate market, Bellevue is facing challenges such as traffic woes, lack of affordable housing, increasing property taxes, and increasing development activity without sufficient infrastructure improvements. We need strong leadership to make Bellevue a great place to live for all our residents.

About One Bellevue

Bellevue neighborhood road

One Bellevue is a coalition of Bellevue residents finding common ground and taking action to improve our city and civic life.

We act to remove obstacles and inequities to strong, resilient neighborhoods and high quality of life. One Bellevue seeks to deepen citizen participation in the governmental process.