One Bellevue's roles

One Bellevue...

Connects Neighborhoods

Finds common ground between neighborhoods across the city.

Works collaboratively to research the leading issues impacting the quality of life in Bellevue Neighborhoods

Networking with Neighborhood leaders


Advances Neighborhoods

Incubates Neighborhood and City advocacy issues

Seek voter choice by sharing City Council and Council Candidate’s principles

Working with City staff to ease access government, and seeking the city to embrace neighborhood activists as true partners

Provide mentorship, information and support for neighborhoods facing issues like Comprehensive Plan amendments, rezones, etc.


Values Neighborhoods

Alert neighborhoods to the importance of being involved before it is too late

Creating an informed group of citizens by educating and mentoring residents interested in neighborhood concerns and city government

Provide the opportunities to engage and become civic leaders in the neighborhood, in the community, and at City boards and commissions and advisory committees.


One Bellevue uses the tools of Government to impact government, especially to effect transparency, accountability, and fairness