Bellevue City Council Elections 2019 Approach

One Bellevue's approach to the Bellevue City Council elections is to look from the standpoint of the voter. The voter has a choice to make but is generally only seeing polarized views without deeper understanding.

Weaknesses of the current election information is:

  • Narrow Perspective: Many voters only see each candidate’s advertisement and voting pamphlet page. Bellevue gains little media attention testing candidates’ views.
  • Untested: The pamphlet comes out just as the ballots come out. This leaves the candidates’ views in the pamphlet relatively unquestioned.
  • Not Current: A November election statement is written by the candidate in August. It does not include learning since August.
  • Dispersed information: Election information on Bellevue City Council Candidates is very dispersed.

One Bellevue elections project can provide

  • Multiple Perspectives: One Bellevue does not promote a single solution to a problem but researches the issues and consider ways that the problem could be solved.
  • Tested: One Bellevue uses candidates' past statements and actions to gain a better understanding of the candidates' views.
  • Current: One Bellevue will hold a candidate forum to update and dig deeper into the candidate’s views. The website can be updated for new information.
  • One Place: One Bellevue provides t he

One Bellevue continues to work outside of elections projects:

  • Current Issues and Events: One Bellevue members keep each other informed of issues and opportunities to get involved.
  • Incubation: Beyond the scope of the election, One Bellevue is an opportunity to network to find those with your same approach to an issue and here other perspectives.
  • Mentoring: One Bellevue helps to mentor neighbors on how to affect change in the city, even advocates may take different sides outside of One Bellevue.
  • Neutral: One Bellevue as a whole prefers to remain neutral. We are seeking to understand all points of view. Thus, members are expected to discuss various points of view, including their own.

One Bellevue does not endorse any candidates. We are helping the voter have a choice that they understand. More methods will come over time, but the first is to define and research the issues.