2019 Primary: Top Priorities of Position 3 Candidates

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After the City Council Candidates stack ranked a list of priorities, One Bellevue asked the Bellevue City Council Candidates
"What is your vision for your top three priorities?"

Position 3

Jeremy BarksdaleJeremy Barksdale

Stephanie WalterStephanie Walter

Keeping Bellevue affordable: As we grow, we need to focus on bringing everyone in Bellevue, across all income levels, along on that journey by finding ways to increase opportunities, decrease the cost of living, and supporting mom and pop shops.

Public safety is the number one priority of residents, businesses and visitors of Bellevue.  It is my number one priority as well.  As a healthcare finance professional, mother and resident; I know that health and wellness begin with being safe and feeling secure.  In Bellevue, our First Responders have earned our trust and support.  Much of the quality of life we enjoy in Bellevue is dependent upon the professionalism and compassion of our First Responders. I will continue to fully support our police, firefighters and medics as our City grows in new and exciting ways. 

Engaging neighborhoods: I want to increase the voices of our community members in the city and increase public participation in discussions about what happens in our neighborhoods, as well as support building sustainable relationships within our community.

Transportation innovation will assure we can get where we want, when we want and how we want.  With the growth planned in the growth corridor, it is important that all modes of transportation flow in consistent and predictable ways.  Ease of mobility throughout the City will take creativity and new perspective.  Our neighborhoods across Bellevue are experiencing cut through traffic putting a strain on our neighborhood streets.  Working with regional partners, we can direct various types of transportation to appropriate routes to keep our neighborhoods safe.  This will enhance our quality of life by reducing travel time and increasing time with friends and family.

Modernizing how we approach the issues and solutions. I want to help us revisit our processes and how we use data and technology in support of positive community outcomes, as well as make meaningful progress against our climate goals.

Parks, trails and wetlands must be preserved and maintained as the City grows.  Our parks are where we meet and greet our neighbors, recharge our engines and commune with nature.  Throughout Bellevue, one does not need to go far to enjoy a park.  Without leaving the City, we can take wonderful hikes, play sports, commune with nature and so much more.  As we add to our skyline, we need to maintain our tree canopy in parks, neighborhoods and the growth corridor.  In our parks, it is so clearly seen that Bellevue is a City in a park, that welcomes the world where diversity is our strength. 

The first 160 words of each response are displayed here, with a link to the full text. All Candidates were contacted.

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