2019 Primary: Top Priorities of Position 1 Candidates

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After the City Council Candidates stack ranked a list of priorities, One Bellevue asked the Bellevue City Council Candidates
"What is your vision for your top three priorities?"

Position 1

Martin AcevedoMartin Acevedo

John StokesJohn Stokes

Citizen Engagement:  Resident engagement to me connotes thoughtful consideration of the needs and preferences of the various members of our city community and then finding balanced solutions that are the least intrusive in people's lives while at the same time preserving the character of our city.  Part of this commitment should include regular channels of communication with the different neighborhoods, outside of the traditional city council hearings.  To that end, I commit to holding regular coffee meetings with constituents throughout my tenure on the council.  In addition, I believe that while it is important to understand the views of our regional neighbors, since these do impact how we live, work and play; I also think it's important to pay particularly attention to city residents when deciding city issues.  Not only do we have to live with the consequences of council decisions, we as residents have to pay for those decisions as well. 

The most important priority for Bellevue is continuing to maintain and improve its excellent level of services and successfully manage the tremendous growth now occurring. Our Council Vision is a road map to making sure these challenges are actually opportunities for our City and our citizens to live in an increasingly vibrant, relevant and livable city and region. By providing strong and thoughtful leadership, working with all councilmembers and the communities in Bellevue, I will continue to assure that Bellevue is the City where you want to be, and that we live our charge that Bellevue Welcomes the World, Our Diversity is Our Strength.

Public Safety:  As a commissioner on the police and fire civil service commission, I witness what a great job our public safety personnel do on a regular basis.  Public safety should be a primary priority for any city council worth its salt.  I intend to continue to support our police and fire departments with the training, staff and equipment needed to keep our city safe.  This includes supporting city codes that establish basic levels of acceptable behavior that engender a safe and wholesome environment.  I do not want to see our streets devolve into areas where illegal public camping is allowed, or addictive behavior leads to unsafe interactions in public areas.  I believe code enforcement and treatment options are better long term pathways than enabling unhealthy or unsafe practices in our city.  I would continue to oppose any future contemplated medically supervised heroin consumption sites operated by the government.  Some residents have also asked me about the low barrier men's...

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Another important priority is having strong leadership in areas that affect and add value to Bellevue’s progress and level of service, including its neighborhood connectivity initiative. These are things that I have done and will continue to do as councilmember in Position #1, plus serving on numerous local and regional boards providing leadership for Bellevue in regional decision-making organizations for our benefit.

Economic Development and Energy Grid Innovation:  Once a year, as my way of giving back to the next generation, I teach entrepreneurship to the MBA and MSF students at Seattle University.  Throughout the year, I focus on helping my students and members of the community start and build companies, creating new jobs and enhancing our economic vitality.  I commit to continuing this trend as a council member.  I believe our city has the talent and potential to give Silicon Valley a run for its money in terms of creativity and start up ecosystem development.  A supportive city council, which encourages public-private partnerships that do not tax residents, but offer economic benefits, can go a long way toward this becoming a reality.  In particular, with our state being in the forefront of passing a clean energy bill, I believe the Eastside can become a leading region in clean energy technology development.  There are already technologies that can be used by our...

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To help make the first two priorities a reality, the third priority is having balanced, bipartisan leadership as we have had since I was first elected to the City Council. This includes helping guide Bellevue through new plans and projects with focus and stability, leading the passage of the Downtown Livability Initiative, better preparing Bellevue to respond to growth and build density without sacrificing the character of its neighborhood, being a leading voice for affordability, pushing Bellevue to offer additional services to support those experiencing homelessness and housing instability, supporting taking proactive measures to address growth, including serving as a key advocate for multi-modal transportation, aiming to build a Bellevue connected by transit options, including development of Bellevue’s Grand Connection and the Eastside Rail Corridor, and helping move Light Rail forward on time and within budget while incorporating sound mitigation for neighborhoods and businesses.

The first 160 words of each response are displayed here, with a link to the full text. All Candidates were contacted. 

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