2019 Primary: Top Priorities of Position 5 Candidates

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After the City Council Candidates stack ranked a list of priorities, One Bellevue asked the Bellevue City Council Candidates
"What is your vision for your top three priorities?"

Position 5


Janice ZahnJanice Zahn

City Budget:
We are facing the fiscal challenges to do more with less. I am very serious on financial efficiency of spending taxpayer's money, and will ensure that limited resources are being spent wisely. Every dollar counts!
- Keep taxes low
- Prioritize investments
- Spending on projects with more benefits than costs

The foundation for Bellevue is our vision and our budget. The transportation challenges ahead of us continue to be staggering. To address them we need to retain leaders who brings together the various stakeholders and build coalitions regionally to address the I-405 gridlock.  Adequate funding will continue to be a challenge. I support bold steps like the low interest rate TIFIA loan and the much-needed transportation levy to support neighborhood safety and congestion relief. I listen to understand the issues and ensure that mobility choices are available to keep Bellevue moving. Regionally, I advocate for Bellevue's interest for transit and bike routes, transportation corridor improvements and funding. I bring my many years working on drafting workable public policy, from the Bellevue Transportation Commission, state and national committees to council. I continue to push for engagement in the neighborhoods we serve. It is essential that the city engage our neighborhoods to understand and relieve the transportation pain points and ensure safe...

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Traffic congestion is a big issue that I feel strongly about. The growth of Bellevue places additional demand on the transportation system. It is important more than ever that transportation infrastructure keeps up with the growth. The transportation infrastructure serves people using a variety of modes in getting to places, e.g., driving, walking, and taking transit. It is essential that we have a balanced multimodal system. We must change transportation model to improve the traffic congestion.

Bellevue is an incredibly vibrant and attractive city blessed with excellent amenities and outstanding public schools. Unfortunately, the very qualities that make Bellevue so attractive have resulting in skyrocketing housing costs, putting the city out of reach for many families and middle class workers, including retail and service employees and civil servants. Children who grew up in Bellevue cannot afford to return and live here as adults. Seniors are struggling to age in place in their homes. I am committed to implementation our adopted Affordable Housing Strategy with increased investments and partnerships with private and public funders. Healthy communities include low and middle-income housing options. I also pushed for the greater neighborhood planning process to begin outreach and engagement with our communities, all while championing for expediting our Environmental Stewardship Initiative efforts. My background and experience as a Civil Engineer and Construction progressional  continues to be an asset when evaluating policies and working with developers, property managers, and non-profit housing...

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Public Safety:
Controlling crime is the prerequisite to improving the quality of life of neighborhoods and to a growing economy.
- Fully support police officers to enforce law
- Public safety education
- No double standard in obeying law

Understanding and honoring the diversity of our community and unique character of our neighborhoods is critical to our sense of community and place. In 2014, we declared that "Bellevue welcomes the world and Diversity is our strength." I will make sure our city continues to live up to the spirit of that declaration and challenge ourselves to be more inclusive and celebrate the richness of our collective culture and heritage. The key component is how we bring planning back to the neighborhood level and leverage the diversity of our residents and their culture, wants, and needs, while also celebrating Bellevue's history. I am an advocate for building a new Multi-Cultural Center that creates a community space where we more strongly celebrate and embrace the diversity in our communities. I am committed to effective and timely communication. When communicating with our citizens we need to articulate what the city is doing and why, and be clear about our intentions and expected...

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The first 160 words of each response are displayed here, with a link to the full text. All Candidates were contacted. 

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