2019 Primary: Top Priorities of Position 7 Candidates

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After the City Council Candidates stack ranked a list of priorities, One Bellevue asked the Bellevue City Council Candidates
"What is your vision for your top three priorities?"

Position 7

Jennifer RobertsonJennifer Robertson

Marguerite YeMarguerite Ye

One reason people love living in Bellevue is because it's a safe, clean city.  My first priority is fully funding our first responders to keep our residents safe. Our population is growing and our city is becoming denser. I'm committed to increasing our public safety resources to keep Bellevue a safe city. I believe it's critical to maintain our level of service standards to provide our residents with exemplary service no matter where they live in Bellevue. This means keeping our firefighters and paramedics well trained and available so that they can "make the save" when needed. We have the #1 save rate in the nation for heart attacks. I'm committed to keeping it that way. I also support enforcing our laws so that we don't develop a permissive culture where the low level crimes are accepted. Permitting even civility crimes leads to degradation of our quality of life and ultimately leads to more significant crime.

As the decisions made on the council broadly affect every person of every community in Bellevue, my first priority is community connections and equity.  It is important to me that every community is heard and has the opportunity to be involved proactively in our city's growth and management.  As a pioneering member of Bellevue's Diversity Advisory Network, I believe our city must do a better job living our motto that our diversity is our strength.  To do that we must  hold leaders accountable and ensure that the council members make good on their promise to be active, inclusive mediators between the people and their government.

Bellevue is successful and growing. It has become a "choice city" for both residents and businesses, whether moving here from across the globe, or just across Lake Washington. We have planned for significant growth in BelRed and Downtown but there are challenges with how quickly the growth is happening. I am committed to keeping growth in growth corridors, like Downtown and BelRed. By putting the densest growth in our growth corridors where we are investing in new infrastructure to serve that growth, we will keep our neighborhoods stable and livable. My experience as a three-term Councilmember coupled with my long career as a municipal and land use attorney means that I can be effective at guiding the growth and making sure we invest in the infrastructure and amenities that keep our quality of life high for our residents.

Affordability is an immensely important issue to address in our city, but a complex problem that requires a multifaceted approach.  Many people have grown up and settled in Bellevue, and are finding it unaffordable to stay here.  We must do a better job of managing the growth that a booming local economy has created for us, while ensuring that no neighbors are pushed out. We need responsible thoughtful leaders who will manage Bellevue's inevitable growth thoughtfully, with the livability and affordability of our interconnected communities at the forefront of our decision making.

I am committed to improving Bellevue's multi-modal transportation system. With growth comes traffic. I'm working to improve roads, reduce traffic and increase transit options for all Bellevue residents. I am also working to increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and make more investments in neighborhood transportation infrastructure. I led to ensure that the neighborhood transportation levy includes congestion relief money so that people can get in and out of their neighborhood. My work as the Bellevue representative on the PSRC Transportation Policy Board has helped Bellevue obtain more funding for our transportation network and provided more funding to increase transit options in Bellevue. I have also worked with the State to obtaining capacity improvements to I-405, SR 520 and I-90. These highways are our "life line" and need to work to serve our residents and businesses.

Bellevue continues to bring workers from across the region to our city every day, we need our neighbors and workers in the business sector to be able to commute safely across our city. We have taken important steps to plan for growth, but our roads and freeways are congested and are only going to get worse unless we address this problem proactively.  On the Council, I will work with our regional partners to make sure bus routes and other transportation options are affordable, efficient, and reliable enough to incentivize commuters to get out of their cars.  Not everyone can use public transportation though. I will work to ensure that drivers can also move safely and efficiently throughout our city and region.

The first 160 words of each response are displayed here, with a link to the full text. All Candidates were contacted. 

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