Martin Acevedo - Second Priority

Public Safety:  As a commissioner on the police and fire civil service commission, I witness what a great job our public safety personnel do on a regular basis.  Public safety should be a primary priority for any city council worth its salt.  I intend to continue to support our police and fire departments with the training, staff and equipment needed to keep our city safe.  This includes supporting city codes that establish basic levels of acceptable behavior that engender a safe and wholesome environment.  I do not want to see our streets devolve into areas where illegal public camping is allowed, or addictive behavior leads to unsafe interactions in public areas.  I believe code enforcement and treatment options are better long term pathways than enabling unhealthy or unsafe practices in our city.  I would continue to oppose any future contemplated medically supervised heroin consumption sites operated by the government.  Some residents have also asked me about the low barrier men's homeless shelter being constructed in Eastgate.  I applaud our city's desire to help those in need, and simultaneously, I support doing so in as safe as manner as possible.  We already require buffer zones between marijuana retail outlets and sensitive zones in our city, such as near schools.  And we are aware that a significant percentage of a low barrier men's shelter residents may have addiction issues.  Yet my opponent is strongly opposed to any sort of buffer zone between a low barrier shelter and sensitive zones such as schools.  I support public safety for all residents, both in the shelter, and in the neighboring areas. 

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