2019 Primary Definitions for Priorities

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Descriptions were given to candidates to stack rank

Affordable Housing

New and existing residents can afford to live in Bellevue.

Citizen Involvement

Residents understand, give feedback, and feel valued.

City Budget

Revenue and Spending Clear budget priorities - efficient, transparent, and accountable.

Civic Communication

Early engagement and clear notice for projects meeting agendas, etc.


Amount of people and building space in each neighborhood.

Economic Development

Target industries, job creation, revenue and impact.

Emissions Reduction

Plan Greenhouse gases impact and plans.

Funding Growth

Resources, impact, pace of growth, and financial health.

Government Technology & Customer Service

Effective resident information and communication with City resources.

Great Public Facilities and Amenities

Public resources most effectively provided by the city (e.g., pools, ball fields, community centers).

Green Spaces

Natural areas and character.


Causes, impacts, and possible solutions to the homelessness.

Long Term City Vision

Twenty-year outlook: plans, trade-offs, pitfalls, and successes.

Neighborhood Character

Residents perception of their community.

Park Use

Policies for creation, preservation, and usage of parks.

Public Safety

Public perception and physical safety.

Strong and Resilient Communities

People can trust and depend on each other and the city.

Substance Addiction

Causes, impacts, treatment, and possible solutions for substance addiction


Jobs, investment, and economic development of tourism industry


Traffic, transit, bike lane prioritization and investment.

Urban Forest

Preserve, enhance, and manage the tree canopy and landmark trees.

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